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  • 7 setting bullet vibrator
  • USB cable
  • Cool af stickers
  • Clitbits
  • Discreet packaging
  • Free Delivery
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The world of sex toys is, to be blunt, weird af. The whole thing can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Let’s change that.

Our core product is all about celebrating the clitoris, consistently misunderstood but for the occasional rub during some shit foreplay. Yawn.


It’s the most powerful bullet on the market (according to the reviews), got seven speeds to cycle through (we’re a 3 btw), is portable enough to take anywhere, is waterproof (shower, not bath) and rechargeable via USB, wire included.

Oh, and one more thing. It’s 100% body safe, made out of silicone with none of those dodgy phthalates, linked to cancer and reproductive health. More on that here.



Exactly what it says: just lube. It has the right consistency and it's unscented.

3 months ago

Powerful little thing! 10/10

3 months ago

The perfect strength, whilst maintaining softness - i lo0ve it!

3 months ago


23mm Diameter


Body Safe Silicone

7 Settings


90mm Length

604 reviews for FIRST BASE

  1. Sofia

    More than a vibrator. Thanks for the mems

  2. Lis

    Here to say, the reviews live up to the product wow!! Never had an orgasm like it

  3. Bertie

    Taste the rainbow

  4. Nina

    Heard about you from a friend, was everything she said it would be and more, thks so muchhh xoxoxo

  5. Evira

    Like a drug

  6. Hallie

    Thought I was getting a vibrator, instead I got a life altering orgasm. Cool.

  7. Luce

    Had to cum twice just to check it was as good as I thought. it was.

  8. Charlie

    Get one for ur ma and ur sis and every other woman you know. Everyone will feel better, trust me.

  9. Antonia


  10. Elinor

    I have bought every single one of my friends a First Base over the past year and I can confirm they are all on the hype, 12/10.

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