Toxic Toys

It’s Britney Bitch.

Because sex toys are still taboo (apologies if you keep your dildo next to your toothbrush) the regulations surrounding the industry are behind. Manufacturers take advantage of a labelling loophole that categorises them as “novelty items,” which, unlike medical devices or foods, aren’t subject to mandate testing.

As a result, many products are rife with materials that can hurt you. But not in the fun, kinky way, namely phthalates, linked to cancer and reproductive health.

What are phthalates?

Phthalates are a classification of plastic chemicals, often blended with other plastics in order to make them softer and improve flexibility. They’ve been used to make everything from adhesives to bedding but are now banned for use in most countries thanks to their toxic traits. So it turns out it’s not just fuckboys we need to steer clear of.

Sadly, they’re still legal for use in sex toys in the UK and something tells us it’s probs not top of Boris’ list to sort out either, sigh. So, until the government dare to mention the word vagina and regulate a product for exactly what it is – a product, ensure you stay clear of toys made of out of the following:

  1. Cheap Jelly 

  2. PVC

Both materials need to be softened to make sex toys, adding toxic chemicals (phalatates) to make them flexible. Jelly is also particularly hard to sanitise because it is porous, meaning even if you wash the toy, anything living in the material can re-grow. This can cause bacteria infections and even transmit STDs if shared. As Beyonce would say, we don’t think you’re ready for that jelly.

FYI First Base is made from silicone – one of the best body safe materials. It is non-porous and non-toxic. Safe annnnd sexy.

Annoyingly, loads of companies aren’t clear with what their products are made with, so we’ve made a handy list of things to check:

Greasy Residue or Smell

Toxic toys tend to have a greasy residue or a shower curtain smell. Although real silicone may have a manufacturing odour when you unwrap it, it should be virtually odourless once aired out. If a toy stinks, our guess is it probably isn’t safe.

Invisible Manufacturer

Companies that care about their products and your safety are proud to stand by what they make. If a manufacturer is difficult to get in touch with or has little to no presence online, steer clear. 

Avoid Amazon

We recommend against buying on Amazon. One, cos Jeff really doesn’t need any more money. Two, cos they’re unethical. And three, cos you don’t know where those toys are really coming from, or whether they are safe to use.

Marked As Novelty Items

The exact make-up of these products will not be evident, so it’s hard to establish just how harmful they really are.

Really, what we’re saying with all of this is, a lot of sex toys are bad for you, ours is good.

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