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Reclaim The Nude Charity Zine


  • All proceeds go to Solace Women’s Aid
  • Some people being nude
  • 400 Limited edition copies
  • Free UK Delivery
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Solace Women’s Aid

All proceeds from the zine are going to Solace Women’s Aid. They do a load of good stuff, and have been supporting women for more than 40 years. Stand with and support ’em to end violence and abuse now.

Need help? Call em now on freephone 0808 802 5565

What’s This All About?

Well good sir, whilst we usually sell vibrators, we also give a shit about everything else to do with women, funny that.

Reclaim the nude is a celebration of our bodies, our beautiful fat, skinny, bald, hairy, spotty, smooth bodies that are given ridiculous contradictory standards to live up to.

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  1. Oons

    Absolutely great 10/10, makes me so happy to read and show other people. Only wish my booty and titties was in the zine to empower me even more than reading it alone does. Thank you all at naked grapefruit for this slice of loveliness

  2. Lucy MacDonald

    The perfect coffee table book with the perfect amount of tits n ass and feminism x

  3. Chloe Sharratt

    Literally incredible, wish I’d written it. Will cherish it forever. Have already persuaded my friends to buy it so they can get empowered AFFFFF.

  4. Billy Butler

    Was an absolute corker – I’m big in to collecting magazines and also sex positive film making (which I suppose is a virtue) and this ticked both boxes!! Perhaps if you’re looking for perfect printing – remember you’re buying a zine not Vogue; some portion of pages are going to be cut short – but nothing in the way that intuition can’t remedy. We’re talking millimetres here people – not whole sentences!! And if anything, I think it adds to the feel of independence and antiestablishmentarianism that the zine, at least to me, perpetuates and represents which I whole heartedly love and respect. All in all if you’re considering buying it then you’re the person this zine is aimed at and to deny that seems foolish. You’re going to love it. And she sits right at the front of my stack. It’s informative, it’s fun, it’s witty and it’s stylish – everything you want. BUY IT!!

  5. Katherine Dadswell

    Could not love this more! Nudes on my coffee table in aid of Solace?? Yes please!!

  6. Robyn

    Love this Zine so much! Everyone who I’ve shown it to has too! Great piece of work

  7. Rubie Kent

    Amazing zine and such a worthy cause 👌🏼

  8. Jamie

    The best thing I’ve bought all year (except for first base)

  9. Emily

    Love it! Keep it out on my coffee table, and everyone who has a flick through loves it 🙂

  10. Al

    Sex positive goodness rolled into a perfectly executed zine that will piss off Torys and white van men xxx

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