Will My Vibrator Make My Clit Go Numb?

Dead Vagina Syndrome: A Ghost Story

By Amelia Hills

The idea that using your fav vibrator could numb your clit forever is certainly up there with spiders and clowns in the ‘absolutely fucking terrifying no thanks’ category. But while spiders and clowns actually exist (yikes), dead vagina syndrome is more like the ghost stories we were told as kids… that is, it’s complete and utter bullshit.

The tale goes like this… If you use your vibrator too often, it’ll be too much for your poor, delicate clitoris to handle and eventually it’ll just go numb in protest of your furious wanking. It’s sort of like an old wives tale except instead of it being made up by old wives it was made up by Brad or Matt or some other fuckboy who felt threatened that a vibrator was better at making people come cum than their willies. Fuckin’ typical.

Of course some people might experience numbness from time to time, or find it difficult to cum in general, and if that is you that’s perfectly normal. But the rumour that vibrators are universally to blame is just that, a rumour. Loads of things can affect your ability to cum (mental health, medication, idk probably the positions of the zodiac), but the research has shown that using your vibrator often is not one of them. 

So why did our poor vibrators get the blame? Sex toys have been around forever (spoiler alert: people have historically always been horny) and vibrators since the Victorian era, if there was an epidemic of them making your fanny drop off, I reckon we’d have it figured out by now. The rush to blame vibrators is prolly just part of a bigger societal fear-mongering around female pleasure. Which seems to happen even more when that pleasure isn’t dependent upon men (yikes). Not only does this make it harder for people to figure out the actual reason they might be struggling to cum, it also increases the shame around using sex toys, which sucks because they’re fuckin great.

I’ve had mates of mine talk to me about dead vagina syndrome, or tell me that they won’t use their vibrators because then it’ll mean sex won’t be able to compare at which point I usually point out that, shockingly, you can in fact use vibrators during sex too (absolutely wild I know). Sometimes it seems like using your fingers has become the organic, free-range way to have a wank and that vibrators are… chock full of preservatives?? (don’t think too hard about that metaphor yeah x) whereas in reality there just isn’t a wrong way to wank, so long as ur having a good time.

Whatever gets you going is gonna be fine, I promise ur fanny is not gonna drop off. 


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